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Choosing a Nail for Your Dab Rig

on Wed, 01/27/2016 - 20:57

The basic makeup of dab rigs comprises of a glass piece, a nail, and torch lighter. In most cases, you buy your dab rig separate from a lighter. Some people prefer to apply their concentrates with dabbers which are small rods. For a person new to dab rigs, it would be wise to begin with an all-inclusive dab rig.


Nail Style’s

Debates exist on the dab nail type that works best. Ideally, the most appropriate nail is the one that easily heats up. Also, it should retain heat for long. The following are popular options for dab rigs;

  • Glass – Borosilicate glass type is strong but works best for bongs as well as pipes but not for dab rigs. Glass rigs break with ease, have a short life span and need frequent replacement. Thus, use of glass rigs becomes expensive. Additionally, heat retention capacity for glass is little.
  • Ceramic – just like glass it breaks easily, holds heat longer than glass but is still not a reliable material.
  • Quartz – nails made from quartz are good and durable compared to glass and ceramic dabs. Also, they cannot easily overheat as quartz cools quickly.
  • Titanium – the majority of dabbers prefer using titanium nails as it is indestructible. It also retains heat but has the risk of overheating to the extent of burning your concentrate. As such, some dabbers opt to use water diffusers to contain the risk of overheating.
  • E-nails – electronic dab rigs are convenient but only a few dabbers consider using them. The best enails are costly when compared to regular nails. Their use eliminates the need for using a torch. At the same time, you can set your desired temperature for better control.

You can easily purchase your nails discreetly through online smoke shops. Just use your credit card or PayPal and it'll arrive at your doorstep. 710 VISIONS and Grass City both offer a variety of different types of nails to choose from and always have great deals too!